Playing Field in CAD

Hey CD,

I was wondering if anyone was interested in a playing field drawn up in CAD. The reason for this would be:

-Analyze the field better
-Test Ideas in 3D
-Put multiple bots on the field to find out how much room is really on the field.

Well, I am making it for our team and I was wondering if anyone wanted it. So if you do, please post back.



I think it would be great to have. I’m not sure if it would be possible, but I saw something a while ago here, cant find it again, but it was a video game of the game. Maybe you could export the files to 3ds max or something to simulate a game that way also.

Once they release the field and game, we would like it if you are making it available. Thanks in advance.

I can have it done in like 2 days, and will be posted on Jan. 6th. Hope this helps everyone and I will be making it available.

I wouldn’t make any promises just yet. You do not know what is going to happen. Que Dave.

The field that the water game is on could take a long time to CAD :wink:

That would be a nice challenge, if the field is possible. I will have it done. :rolleyes:

Are we (5th Gear guys) the simulation someone else referred to in an earlier post?

Yes that was what I had seen. I thought that was really cool. I hope you are planning a new and improved version this year!

We are toiling away, improving the prototype that was shown last season. Stay tuned.

RC if you place your field model in, all FIRST members can use it. Even if it created in SolidWorks, most 2d and 3d formats are supported.

If you want to simulate water flow, you may want to try SolidWorks Flow Simulation. Go to Tools, AddIns and check COSMOS FloWorks. Marie

While there are still a few more days to the off season, I placed a part and drawing of a weldment frame for you to take a look at

There is also a movie file of a buggy that shows the complete technique with 3D sketching.

Weldments are not automatically displayed in SolidWorks, you must right click in the Command Manager and check the Weldment toolbar option.

The weldment technique is to sketch the frame in 2 d or 3 d and then select the cross sectional profile. My guess is alum. tubing will be used. You can modify the dimensions of the cross section for your framing by editing the sketch.

Once your frame is complete, you can then place it in a drawing and ask for the cut list. This modeling technique is alot faster than trying to create a welded frame or tubular frame as an assembly.

Let me know if you have questions. Marie

Thank you so much Marie, I will upload it to 3d Content Central. If I need any help I will contact you and thank you so much for the offer.