Playing field model

Is there a model of the playing field frame out there made? (3ds max or inventor file type) I can’t seem to find any models besides a 2001 playing field model. If there is one made could I get the link to download it, that would be great. Thanks

First of all, never turn off All Along the Watchtower, Hendrix rules!!

The url you need is It has all of parts in the kit, but the playfield parts are lacking. I’ll keep looking for the playfield – anybody out there know where to look?

The problem with that site, and I have been there many times before, is that it doesn’t have the actual playing field. I am looking for a model itself of the playing field. That contains the parts and I was hoping to find a simpler route. But if all comes to worst that will be my place to go.

There is actually a really easy way to make a 2003 field out of 2001 field - just remove everything in the middle, re-scale it to fit this year’s dimensions, and then make a model of ramp in inventor (with all the blueprints in the team documents this should be pretty easy)

check the extra discussion forum, theres one in there you can use.

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**check the extra discussion forum, theres one in there you can use. **

yeah that one’s pretty good (not exact, but it’s supposed to be simple :))

lacking in materials though if you need them…


yeah, it was made in version 2.5, but the geometry should be alright.

that version is for really anyone…I agree…it HAS NO MATERIALS…just colors…I didn’t want to give all my awesome work for free but it’s free and available for any that need it.

well, the bins aren’t too bad to model.
Imagine it this way, a bin is made up of two different boxes.
One big box for the actual bin part, and a flat one for the lid.
Just chamfer the edges and you get a pretty decent bin.

Why not make your own model? Max has plenty of Unit Measurement settings so u can get it perfectly to scale. Took me an hour to make a great playing field model, it isnt that hard. Sometimes things are better done yourself, probably save you alot of time rather than searching for hours for an already made, poorly textured model. Just a thought.