Playing field parts

I am a new coach, coaching a new VEX team. We may have the perimeter of the playing field donated to us. Can someone tell me what the floor is made of in a tournament and where I can purchase it so when we practice, it simulates tournament conditions (I heard it is some sort of foam tiles). Also other than the medicine ball which I see on sale by Innovation Labs, where can I purchase the other parts needed for the playing field, such as the softballs, metal bars, goals, etc.?

From section 2.3 of the manual
Softball – A standard regulation softball 11” circumference (3.5” diameter) that is located in stacks of four at
specified locations around the field.

you should be able to get it from any sports store in your area.

This should tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the Hangin’-A-Round field (and then some):

Vince - If only it were true.

Yes, there are regulation softballs aplenty, but there are few standard softballs.

The softball sport’s governing bodies’ (yes there is more than one) regulations allow for considerable variation in the covering of softballs; and for some small but noticeable variation in their weight and internal composition.

I refer you both to this thread where the official answers to some questions about the game elements can be found.

Also, I have had a devil of a time finding a place to buy the specific model of softball that is listed in the Hangin’ Around Bill of Materials. I may have found a source this afternoon. If the lead pans out I’ll post the info here and/or another spot on Chief Delphi.


The playing field floor is a product called softtiles available here. They are the 2’x2’ gray tiles. Smooth side up.

Thank you all for such a quick response. I will order 2X2 gray tiles (25 of them?)from, and I will purchase the softballs using the specs on the link Blake posted.