Playing Field Surface

Newbie with T100. We have used carpets in the past to simulate the playing field surface. We can not sanitize them, and I am looking for something closer to what FRC uses. Does anyone have specifications of what FRC uses for the official playing field surface?
Marc Wheeler - Team 100.

It’s listed in the game manual. You could look for last year’s manual (Shaw Floors, Philadelphia Commercial, Neyland II 20, 30352

This is true of most carpeting…

Unless you mean the ramdom sprays and carpet cleaning machines which “work” on everything, though that’s not really sanitized.


Thanks for the information. I had thought the field used those interlocking rubber mats, or something similar.

Are you thinking of FTC or maybe VRC?

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Yes, I have some experience with VEX competitions, but I am new this year and we are not doing FRC because of COVID.

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