Playing Field

Does any one know how thick the carpet is this year? Last year our neighbors team had trouble with their drive system, because the carpet they were using to practice on was different from the competition field.

2.2.1 The Court

The Court for Rebound Rumble is a 27 by 54 ft carpeted area, bounded by two Alliance Walls and a guardrail system. The Court is covered with carpet (Shaw Floors, Philadelphia Commercial, Neyland II, 20, 30753, “park bench”).

While this year’s carpet is different (past few years it was S&S Mills, Sequoia
20 Oz. Level Loop Pile, Color: Ground Pepper), the thickness should be very similar.

A quick search turns up a product page with some specifications.


A gander at the field tour episodes, especially #4, will show people that the field looks different. The carpet may have a different field this year.