Playing Hard

What is the balance between winning and being a good sport. I have seen several postings about Team 60 and from where we stood, they were absolutely the best partners we could ask for. They were intense about winning, but when things didn’t go their way, gracious to the opposition.

At the Silicon Valley regional we would have like to have them in our alliance for the finals but since it didn’t work out that way we played the best we could. Talking to them between matches we saw nothing but good natured competition and their sponsors were really great in talking about what their strategy was and how their robot could best be used. I think that both of the men and the lady who were with Kingman did a great job with all of the other teams around them.

Good luck in Orlando – I hope we are in the same division!

wanting to win is fine; a couple of times we were broken because of bots hitting us trying to go for the goal. We really don’t mind that. I mean, what are they suppsed to do, let us hold the goal so they dont damage us? Alot of these teams have even been gracious enough to aologize to us when none is needed.

Other times however, bots have rammed and rammed our wings when thei is no goal near us. How can you consider that “wanting to win”. That is the difference between wanting to win and just being a jerk.

I agree, playing tough is part of the game.

And behind every tough hitting robot (know obviously that anyone built to give any hits has to be built too take them too!), is usually a very graciously professional team.

It’s only a game anyway… there offense & defense… there are slick plays and rough 'n tumble matches… but it’s all only 2mins… let’s remember that…

Great job for 60 and any team that built tough bots… or those that built the bots that no one can catch up with to touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait til nationals… we’re hoping to see team 60 in our division… we were hoping to play them in san jose and never got the opportunity… it would be an awesome challenge (and they’d be an equally awesome partner).

See everyone there…