Playing Infinite Recharge with an Aim High robot

Team 1610 invited local teams to their shop to play around on their practice field today. Before we arrived, the creative minds at Blackwater Robotics decided to dust off their 14-year-old robot from Aim High to see if it can score some power cells. The answer? Well, stick around a few seconds in this video to find out:

As you can see, this robot was able to score power cells from near the trench, despite being designed for a completely different game. The accuracy scoring into the outer target was quite good, but it suffered a number a bounce outs. I’d chalk that up to the shooting trajectory having a high arc, causing many of the balls to hit the 2x4s on the inside of the tower.

Below are some photos of the ball inside the shooter. The robot is obviously over 45 inches tall, but the shooter is located below that threshold.


This shooter design gives the ball front spin, right? (as opposed to backspin)

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I’ve been wishing we still had our '06 robot around! The lesson we learned that year is that the “slam dunk” from up close is a much higher percentage shot than the field goal. Teams can see more 2006 robots in “FIRST Robots: Behind the Design”. The book is out of print, but perhaps available in libraries.


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