Playing Mario Tune with RC Car

I just saw this on [H] and thought many here would appreciate this.

edit: Fixed SP of Car :smiley:

That’s amazing! I love that they actually spent the time finding bottles with the right tones to do this.

Imagine an FRC version of this…

wow… thats nuts… sooooo many bottles lol

thats awesome!

now they have to do the tetris theme and life will be complete almost :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t access from here. Can someone explain the references to bottles? Is the RC controlling servos to play a tune in the manner of a xylophone or something?

No, there are hundreds of glass bottles standing up in what appears to be a parking garage and they drive an RC with antenae on the sides so that the bottles ring.

It’s really neat!

Youtube if Break doesn’t work:

RC meaning RC car, not Robot Controller.

yeah, sorry, i forgot to specify.

So… the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this thread was:

“Sweet! Varying the PWM frequency to make the motors sound like they’re playing a song while driving!”

And then… it had bottles. Not what I was expecting, but cool anyhow! :]


Absolutely awesome! I can’t even imagine how long that took to set up.

You mean like this?

that was awesome!



Ah. One corrected typo and all becomes clear.

You’ll be surprised what’s out there. Actually, you might not.

Super Mario’s Theme song, in Tesla Minor

chuckle I saw one of these when I was at the Engineering Open House at University of Illinois (UIUC).

They are SOOOO much awesomer in person… yeah, like they aren’t awesome enough on video. :slight_smile:

But, I must say Roger, this is the only one I’ve ever seen playing Super Mario Brothers. :smiley:


Imagine it playing at the Boston Museum of Science. Hmmm— they have a double one too. Three stories tall. Talk about really banging it out!:eek:

Okay, so BMOS has a Van de Graaff generator and not a Tesla. Is there a difference? Keep looking – they do have a Tesla!

Doing a Google search, the Tesla video came up first before the bottle one. I thought there would be more imaginative ones, but those two seem to be it.

The last five minutes will the best I have had today. Thanks for giving something to enjoy today. Now on to the endless homework and classes.

:yikes: ooo I know what I want to do now that robotics season is over…