Playing with Fusion TOP sensor sensing below 4cm

Will this sensor detect when an object comes within 2-3 cm. It says it is not accurate below 4cm, but we just need it to sense below 4cm. Don’t care if it is 2 or 3 cm, just that it senses in that range.

Hmmm. From the sensor’s datasheet:

Based on this, I think the general answer is “Yes, senses in that range”.

Does that answer your question?

I wasn’t sure what the term “will not be accurate” meant. Could it be so inaccurate that it doesn’t sense sometimes? Or will it always sense at 2 cm but not be able to tell you it is at 2cm. We just don’t want it to miss an object if we set it 2 cm from the object. Perhaps over-analyzing the statement.


So for questions like this: The datasheet is the best you’re gonna get. If there’s no test results or specific information there on what exactly it means, it would imply the manufacturer makes no claims about behavior in that range.

Buying one and experimenting is an option, but it’s hard to know or assume much if it’s not documented.

Thanks. I appreciate your help.
Budgetary restraints are cruel.

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