Playing with fusion web interface

I’m trying to get the time of flight sensor from playing with fusion working with LabVIEW. I installed the driver and pasted it in the correct directory and I have the vi package. I’m having issues getting to the web interface to change the can Id. I’m using the correct port and the libPlayingWithFusionDriver installed in /usr/local/frc/third-party/lib. I’m having no issues with connecting to the rio’s web server just the playing with fusion web server. Any ideas?

We followed this video exactly PwFusion: Time of Flight and Venom Configuration Tool Appnote and we are still having issues. Could it be that we are running a rio 2.0?

Hi Devin011, did you instantiate at least one sensor in LabView? At least one TOF sensor must be present in your VI in order for the Playing with Fusion webpage to be present on the RIO

we are initializing the TOF sensor in begin we set the can id to 0 and the refnum to ToF, which are the defaults.

We too are having the same issue. .so file loaded. ToF sensor setup in and periodic webpage will not load.
We followed the setup videos using two different labview installs and two different roborio.

Just to follow up: We were able to resolve this issue by copying and to the RIO in addition to All three libraries are required to use the Playing With Fusion libraries with Labview. All three file can be downloaded here from These libraries were built for the 2023_v3.1 RIO image. Check out our FRC Installation Instructions page for more information.


Thanks, Jared, for figuring out the fix for the issue. We have successfully added the ToF sensor to our project.

Will there be new .SO files and a NEW .VIP file for LabVIEW this year?