Playing with our robot with a TV remote](

This is our “Plybot”, we just made him for something to do and we test code, and devices on it

thats pretty awesome

good job you guys :smiley:

what material did you use for the chassis?

we used some IFI railing, 2 of the RC motors, and some spare parts we had laying around.

cool, i would keep that to mess around with and show people for publicity if you dont need any extra parts from it

yeah that’s what i think we will end up using plybot for.

where’s the IR board?

It’s that little red blob on top of the box =P

My team’s been playing around with one of our older bots and controlling it with an old remote we found in our workshop

its pretty fun… although with the remote we almost took out one of our mentors… it had a slight delay on when it stopped

yeah we almost knocked over a table and computer, it’s hard to stop.

o I see it now, thanks:D