Playlist for the Fabulous All-Girls Tournament

Well, I read the playlist suggestions that were posted before the BattleCry. We plan to use of lot from that list; however, we need a good playlist specifically for the All-Girls Tournament at the Sweet Repeat in October. Any and all suggestions are welcome. We’re looking for any songs for or about girls. Thanks!

I’m not going to be there, but have some suggestions!
*Girls, by The Beastie Boys
*Girls Just Want to Have Fun, by ???
*I’m Just a Girl, by No Doubt

girls just want to have fun is by cyndie lauper (i think thats how you spell her name)

and i have no idea how i know that…


This song is dedicated to Jessica Boucher, formerly of 237, and active RCU participant. I like to refer to it as the RCU Theme song. (Boy am I gonna get it for this.)

Destiny’s Child - Independant Woman :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing like stiring up a little hot water for myself to climb into…


Lol, ok, just because the DJ at Battlecry preferred to listen to us than listen to you and play the song doesnt mean you have to dedicate that song in my name :wink:

For all you people who dont get it: That song was played at the Jersey Regional on Sat, when Justin had Amy on one side, Kristen Kelso in front of him and myself on the other side of him. He then decided to open his mouth and say “Oh, that should be the RCU theme song”…he was then thouroughly yelled at for suggesting it…the songs not bad, just rather cliche-ish.

Now, every time we go to a competition, we make sure that its played just to bug him :wink:


Christina Agulera - What a Girl Wants

Madonna - What it Feels Like for a Girl

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Nine Days - Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

Three Doors Down - Kryptonite (If you listen to the words, you’ll understand)

which means The High priest must put: N’Sync - Bye Bye Bye

Evan & Jaron - Crazy for this girl

M2M - Mirror, Mirror

No Doubt - Don’t Speak

Uncle Kracker - Follow Me

Crazytown - Butterfly

Brooke Allison - The Kissoff (Goodbye)

Train - Drops of Jupiter

Christina Agulera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, & Pink - Lady Marmalade

American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Week

Dream - This is Me

Those are what The High priest can think of that are about girls (not necessarily in general).

#8 off Pollen’s album Chip, “Girls Love Robots” ( All-Music Link )

i think it fits the situation.

ed…seems to me like some of those are pushing it, particularly kryptonite and flavor of the weak (not week). i know both of these songs well. kryptonite i can see what youre getting at i suppose but its kinda pushing it. and flavor of the weak, well…thats about some girls boyfriend…

how bout:
eve 6, superhero girl
rancid, lady liberty
save ferris, come on eileen (the save ferris cover is much better then the original)
sr-71, fame (what shes wanting)
beastie boys, shes crafty
presidents of the united states of america, lump
blink 182, josie
blink 182, dammit
blink 182, all the small things
blink 182, dumpweed
the offspring, shes got issues
incubus, steller

What a great start. Hey, Eddie - you are so funny with that ‘high priest’ stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

If the RCU women decide on a theme song, we will definitely play it, AND dedicate it to the RCU during the Sweet Repeat. In fact, we will make an announcement about the RCU during the Sweet Repeat, so send me info about what you’d like to say. If you have an official logo, send us that too. We are all about more girls!

Here’s a few

Shania Twain- Man, I feel like a woman
Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls
Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl
Chely Wright- Single White Female
Easy E- College Girls are Easy
Temptations- My Girl
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkal - Mrs. Robinson
Poe- Hey Pretty
Tony Basil – Hey Mickey

Actually Mike, it is “week”, although you are right about it being about the guy (who really doesn’t know the girl, doens’t really like her, and will end up leaving her anyway. therefore, he has has a different flavor (girl) each week. Ok, not the best description, but listen to the words. then again, the words do realte to “weak” as well. Ahh!) Or, we can just look it up.

A few more:

Lou Bega - Mambo #5 (A Little Bit of…)

Mya - Case of the Ex

Lonestar - Amazed

Shagy - Angel

Jennifer Lopez - Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Pink - Most Girls

Evan & Jaron - From my Head to my Heart

Backstreet Boys - Larger than Life

And of course, no playlist is complete without: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger.

Personally, The High Priest doesn’t see how Kryptonite is pushing it. If anything, Lady Marmalade is.

U2 “The Sweetest Thing”
U2 “One” may be pushing it
Just about anything by Hewey Lewis and the News
I’m sure I’ll think of more and post them later.
Edit “All that She Wants” Ace of Base