Playoff Alliance Strategies

I’m curious to learn what teams are thinking about playoff alliance structures going into week 1 of the competition season. Here are a bunch of prompt questions that I’d love to hear about.

Will we see much triple offense in early weeks?

What will be the primary responsibility of the third alliance partner?

Will top alliances be comprised of two Traversal Rung climbers, or will alliances opt for just one climber and leave the other to cycle and quick hang for 6?

Will we see any teams with inconsistent Traversal Climbs and poor Cargo ability fall to later picks?

What zones will alliances use to define roles/responsibilities?

What will be the biggest sorting criteria for first round picks? Second round picks?


If I had to guess, the meta is going to be scoring more points than your opponents


Big if true!

Sounds like a Joe Buck comment tbh


I think it really depends on the event, 3 robots playing offense can definitely work assuming you still got a good offensive robot available for your 3rd robot but I don’t think that this will be the case for early events.
I’m pretty sure that the top seeded alliances will go for double traversal climb if possible.
As I see it alliance 1 will probably have 2 traversal climb robots and 1 defensive robot while alliance 8 will try to match is with 3 offensive robots or 2 offensive robots and the best defensive robot in the event


I think playoffs alliances will possibly look like:
Good shooter, probobly traversal captain
Good Shooter, mid climb, good consistency
Bad shooter, traversal. used as defense bot

This is an estimate for first alliance.

It’s hard to say this early though

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