playstation first controller

does anyone know if the joysticks on a playstation 2 controller work like the joysticks on the controls given from first?

I believe the sticks on a playstation controller are optical.
There is whitepaper in CD-media along with lots of discussion that is worth reading.

It would probably be easier to use a chicklet from IFI with a Logitech dual action gamepad. This is a usb gamepad with a layout almost identical to the PS2 controller. This would be more expensive though, unless you have a chicklet already.

We use a Logitech Game Pad for one of our controllers which looks exactly like a PS2 controller. The only difference is it has a USB attachment and we use the chicklets. Our drivers love it! Kind of like a video game.

The USB Chicklets are very good.

But there’s still the advantage of using the whitepaper referenced above with a PS controller: There’s no external power source required. The PS adapter can be built to draw a small enough amount of current to only require power from the OI and nothing else.