Please, a place for everything and everything in its place

Mr. Brandon Martus created this lovely website called Chief Delphi and in it he created many sub-folders (ie Robot Showcase, Regional Competitions, Chit Chat etc…).
Could we PLEASE use them as they were intended.
I come into General Forum and find robot reveals, event threads, Chairman’s discussions.
I know you are proud of what you have accomplished and I wish you all the luck this year but there is a place for everything.
puts on flame suit and goes to hide in the corner :smiley:

Yes, yes. I know what you mean Wayne.

It’s easier to just post on the “General Forum” rather than “Extra Discussion”, that this thread would be more appropriate for:
Any of the website features that require forum-based discussion about particular items will have discussion starting here. (match extinguished) :smiley:
But then, fewer people may see your post, so I will repeat your request to participants who post a new thread: please select the appropriate forum when posting.
List of Forums

Most users on CD see all of the forums, but selecting a particular forum allows users to filter their content to make it more relevant.

While we’re at it, could participants please provide a little more information in their profiles, like where you are located? “US” or “The South”, is a little too general. It makes me go to the Blue Alliance to learn more about your team. (Not even considering going to to figure this out, too much work)

It’s unfair to the other teams that properly post their robot videos in the correct sub-folder.
Also, robot videos and regional/district discussion could get lost in the general form as MOST people look in the proper folders.