Please be careful!

We’re down to the wire, teams are putting in long hours. In the US this is a holiday weekend with no classes, so more robotics.

Actual ‘bot weight is (a lot) more than CAD weight, the elevator binds, programmers can’t tune PIDs because the electrical board smoked last night at 9:30. Your shop looks like the Millennium Falcon after a crash landing.

Teams have first aid kits out, just for Band Aids - so far. A couple years ago we sent a student to the ER - fortunately only for a few stitches - at the end end of a long day he was at the lathe and carrying on a conversation at the same time.

Students and mentors are stressed. And I stopped writing this in mid-sentence to remind a student- an experienced student - to tuck in her hoodie straps.

Please watch out for one another, laugh whenever you can, and remember that safety is more important than blue banners. Thanks!


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