Please consider installing this Discourse add-on


The new header functionality implemented to Discourse in December 2018 has been pretty contentious amongst frequent Discourse users, with some liking it and others (like myself) hating it. Luckily, our voices were heard by the developers, who created this Discourse component that allows the new header functionality to be disabled on a user-specific level, and I think it would be a huge boon to allow those of us that spend a lot of time on the forums to disable this feature, if we would like to.


P.S. - It looks pretty easy to install, and none of the other Discourse sites I use regularly have had any issues with it.


Just in case he didn’t see it, @Brandon_Martus


I’ll get this installed sometime in the next few days.

(I get notified on the creation and reply to any new topic in the CD Forum Support category.)


That’s amazing you’re the best


Just installed this while doing some other updates.

You should see the option in your preferences (while browsing on a mobile device).

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Can confirm it works

Thank you so much

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