Please Donate your goggles to your local hospitals!



I’ll text you also, but I wanted to get this out to the community across the country.

And the donation request form:

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That’s great news! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Great to hear what you are doing! I have shared this with our team, hopefully we can get some more into Sparrow and Mclaren.

One question, they use the word goggles but are safety glasses ok as well?

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I would think so. Our team was contacted by a parent after hosting the LA Regional about donating extra safety glasses from the event to the UCLA medical center.


Walker Career Center (home of The Digital Goats) has donated all of their mask and safety glasses from the vocational classes to the local hospital.

Its surprising how many masks are used at the school

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Yes! I think they may prefer those in some cases :slight_smile:

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