Please give me suggestions

I need to figure out how to implement a text area. I don’t really like the way it looks with text just hanging out there with not border, and a simple 1PX or more border just looks dumb to me. Can any please give me an idea.
Please note the site is still well under construction. Hopefully though I’d be able to finish it all tonight if I were to get a great idea in my head.

What text? You mean you want to add more text underneath the “Welcome …” area?

Why not just duplicate that red fade-in/fade-out graphic you have and use it again for body text? It looks pretty cool, and then you’d have one on the top with big text for titles and another underneath with the smaller text that is the body text of each page.

Overall the site looks pretty cool, but you might consider washing out the images you’re using for the bottoms on the sidebar so that the words stand out a little better. They’re getting a little bit lost in all the action going on behind tem right now.

Also, you are technically in violation of the FIRST Logo use guidelines by having the FIRST logo against a gradient like that. If you want to comply with them, you should change it so the FIRST logo is against black. You can find a version of it that is already prepared to go against black if you look around the press kit available on the FIRST website.

Very cool graphics :cool:

I agree with greg. Try the fade in/out graphic for your body text. Or instead of having a full 1px border around the whole text area, you could just have a line at the top…or something like that.