Hello everyone. My name is Chrissy i am a member of 1266. At the las vegas regional our team was given the engineering inspiration award.As most of you know this give you an invite to nationals. Our team is doing the best we can, but we are have trouble raiseing enough money to go. We have less then 10 days to raise $35,000. We are located in San Diego ca, and traveling to Atlanta does cost a pretty penny.If in any way you or your team can help out, we would greatly appreciate it. Even $1 would help. Please send any donations to:

MHS Robotics C/O Joe Acker
4833 Doliva DR.
San Diego, CA

We have a little less then 10 dyas to get all of our money in order. Please if you can help, please do. if you ahve anyother questions please contact myself at: [email protected]. Thank you so much for your time.



You may consider waiting until next year to go (if you still qualify). Don’t feel bad if you can’t go this year. Even after being in FIRST for 5 years, 696 has never been to the championship.

we were considering that, but our school is looked at so badly we want to try to change the community, and give everyone hope, and show them our school isn’t as bad as they think it is. That and our principal won’t take no for an answer.

I know a team that raised something like 15,000 in 48 hrs.

Talk to local radio and tv stations and have kids go on and tell their story and ask for donations…

You live in a pretty large area…hopefully money (and a possible future sponsor) will come in

Oh, man, I feel for you guys. My team is in downtown Atlanta and if we were not a 10 minute drive from the Dome we would be in exatly your situation.

 Here are some fundraising ideas....
 -Talk to neighborhood associations. Make a very formal, short presentation that focuses on how you are helping the community, and volunteer to show your robot and give presentations at neighborhood functions and ativities.
 -Run a change drive at you school
 -Garage Sale!!
 -Car wash!!
 -Ask random parents at your school for money, after telling them how great ou are...

 I know that some of these are hard to do on short notice, but it is never to late to start. Recently my team did pretty good on fundraising, and I'm going to try to convince them to send you guys some money. Also, since we are in downtown Atlanta, we probably have some connections tht could hep you guys. Could you e-mail me about any hotel reservations (in-town stuff) that you already have or are planning to make? My address is [email][email protected][/email]. I don't have any time to talk now, but I hope to talk to you soon! Good Luck!

Sorry you guys are goin through such a situation… My team went through that same situation last year but we pulled it off by getting on the news as well as the radio… which hooked us up with Lucas Films… and many other people who gave us money out of their pockets… it was awsome! But you guys probably dont have such hookups or the time to do so… i think we had 3 weeks to raise the entire 20,ooo… thats why were not going this year because we just rather fundraise for next year… Atleast thats my imput as a 1st yr mentor/ 3rd yr member…

Note to Chrissy: When one of the judges came by to ask us what team we thought showed the most gracious proffessionalism… Rich said: "The Devil Duckies!.. I said: “It’s only cuz he likes the girls! hahaha”… The judge: “hahaha well isnt that obvious”… Rich: blushes smilez cheezily
Eventhough i don’t know which girl you were I just know that your name was mentioned from both Rich and Tommy’s mouths… I and the other mentors thought it was funny because it made the boys “bond” better!!! And hopefuly you guys have inspired them to find “spirit” for next year! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Setup a Paypal account.
You get the money instantly and it’s easier for folks to contribute.
I’ll send $10 if you setup the paypal.

I sympathize with your situation. After winning the Canadian Regional last year, we qualified for championships but couldn’t get the funds to go, so we didn’t. This year, however, after winning FLR, we started getting funding for everywhere!

Our principal, school district, and two more companies all gave us money after winning FLR. After FLR we had the funds to go GTR and championships, all thanks to good publicity.

I guess my point is that if you want to raise money quickly, make a case for yourself and publicize it as much as possible, so the whole community knows. I hate to say it, though it’s true, but publicizing yourselves will put pressure on your potential donors. As more people sponsor you, other companies will start to jump on the bandwagon and before you know it, you’ve raised a hell of a lot of money.

Excellent idea. You got 50 from me if you set this up. I haven’t seen a stamp in years. Does the USPostal service still operate? :confused:

Good luck. :wink:

AWW Tell them they rock!!! And thank you so mcuh for the advice. lol kinda funny story, we found our our rookie team was having diffculty raising money to get to a regional, and we had a fundraiser for them, and now WE need the money, funny how things work out right? Tell bioth rich and tommy that Tina, Tab and Chrissy say hi!
Oh btw I was the female(duh) human player :slight_smile:

How do I go about setting up a paypal account?? I haven’t the slightest clue on how to!? :frowning:

Actually , forget the above i know i can edit it out but W.E. The president of our team ( Tina, username: Maura) is going to post the paypal info in a few, shes creating one as we speak cause she is way awesome.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to try and help+any donations that come in, words cannot express how much our team appreciate all of your support!!! Thanks SO MUCH! * big devil duckie hugs*

Haha I’ll relay the message to tommy and so on…
Good Luck W/ the account! I wonder if you posted flyers or walked around w/ signs and pins trying to just ask people on the street or in business areas… hhmm im trying to squeeze out more ideas that you can do ASAP… door to door donations?! i dont know if thats possible (we dont do such things here) but I know that if girl scouts can… so can the devil duckies!!!
you can maybe “call” the local paper, its faster, and I know in SF we do that for HS sports i dont see why you can’t… (sorry thats all i can think of for now, i’m just a broke college freshmen haha)

You gotta go to the Nats if possible to represent the female human players! I was the human player for the last to years! Last year I hardly missed a shot! and the guys still never passed the ball when they missed all 3! (im still annoyed about that LOL) Anyways… GOOD LUCK!!!


As an Atlanta area based team I have several questions. Obviously you will have to fly here so that will be a very large expense that can’t be avoided. Hopefully tickets can be bought very soon to save $.

Have you considered asking the teams based in this area about lodging perhaps 1 or 2 people in private team homes to save expenses? There may be some possibilities here, myself being one of them. Hotels except in the perimeter of Atlanta may be hard to come by and may be high priced.

Also, I went to your team web site which is very impressive looking, but it does not appear to have a current team list or competition list. I wanted to see names and number of members. How many team members are planning/like to come to the Championship’s?

Give us an idea of just how big the need is for your team. To try to be delicate about this, is the school in a low income area or is it just the fact that a lot of money is needed in a short time? Perhaps some of us here see a San Diego school and we may think that these students are in a high income area when that may not be true.

Scott Chambliss as others do, have some good ideas about fund raising but as I am sure you know you have to get on it quick!

Perhaps give us a team instructor / leader contact?


OK! Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: Great Idea!!
You can now use Paypal to send a contribution to the
Madison High School Devil Duckies - Team 1266
using this e-mail address: [email protected]

Thank you for your contribution! :slight_smile:


Todd McMahon
Devil Duckies - Team 1266
(Mentor / Sponsor / Parent)

You can now use Paypal to send a contribution to the
Madison High School Devil Duckies - Team 1266
using this e-mail address: [email protected]

Thank you for your contribution!


Todd McMahon
Devil Duckies - Team 1266
(Mentor / Sponsor / Parent)

good luck you guys! you deserve to go! remembering how you did in phoenix, i want to see you there too. were having fiscal issues ourselves, and personally, im broke. really broke.

best wishes! good luck!


I spoke to Tina, and went ahead and created the Paypal account for the team. People can now contribute to the Devil Duckies via Paypal to the following account: [email protected]
Awesome idea Chrissy… You rock! :smiley:



This is exactly what Team 188 did when we went down to the SoCal regional. Team 22 came down here for GTR last year, and we went down there this year. There were two or three of us in each of our hosts homes, and all the mentors stayed together (I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the members of Team 22 for having us down there, we all had an AWESOME time :D, thanks guys). We’re hoping to continue this for as long as we can.

If you can find some teams willing to host you guys in Atlanta, that would take care of a lot of expenses, and you would only have to worry about travel. Maybe next year you could host them down in San Diego, and who knows what could happen? It could develop into a great relationship for years to come.

Good luck guys, hope you get to go down to the Championships :slight_smile: .

thanks for the satying with other team members suggestion. We would but frankly our memebers may give you a “scare” :stuck_out_tongue: We are a tad…hyper?? We actually have some hotel plans locked in, its jsut a matter of giveing our mentor the money hes used out of his own pocket to get us there. :slight_smile:

$35k seems like a big travel budget for ONE event.

Some people would be dissappointed…but you might consider sending just the drive team and seniors this year.

I’ve been to Epcot twice and Houston once…everyone should experience Nationals at least once…words don’t describe it!

Do let us know how the fundraising is going.

Good luck.

Mrs. T :slight_smile:

Get a video game tournament. Our team dosen’t know how we’re paying to get our robot shipped back or how to pay for our tee shirts, we hope having a DDR and Madden PS2 tournament could raise $600-700 bucks.

Have members bring in or rent the video games and PS2 systems (or whatever you use)… and ask the school for TV’s and stuff… it costs nothing to the team (except a prize if you decide to buy something), we’re getting soda and pizza donated by local stores and selling it…

no cost to the team so even if only 10 kids do it, you’ll still make money