Please help 1729 win a donation by voting (quick!)

The ChiefDelphi community was terrific last year and helped us reach our goal of winning a $500 donation from a local HVAC company. If any of you could help once again this year, we’d really appreciate it!

Please click here: and vote. :slight_smile: If you have time, voting once a day would be amazing.

Thank you again!


You’re up 162 to 100 right now. Good luck!

Ahead 234-112 on day 2.

Thank you so much CD folks! We’re ahead at the moment and I’m sure your votes have helped!


I voted twice

312 to 120

Currently 346 - 124. Do you know when voting ends?

Thank you for your comment too! The voting ends on the morning of September 28th. When I voted today, we were still ahead. :slight_smile:

As I said earlier, I’m so thankful for the CD community for helping us out with this.


Just voted again. Your team obviously has more friends than the local library…

562-246 after the weekend.

:frowning: … Maybe they can share the wealth and have a “Robots and Reading” night.

edit: also voted (2nd time)

Not to be a downer, but sometimes I wish these types of contests weren’t purely about who could get more votes. Most libraries service more kids and adults than many FRC teams can put together.

Sometimes I feel as though the organization having a greater impact should win funds.

I hope you guys find a way to work with the library to bring them new funds as well as put on events with them.

I respect your opinion, as well as the good that many libraries do, but I understand that Sanford (the company giving away the money) has many interests, including wanting to drive traffic to their website (SEO), raise brand awareness and make tax deductible donations.

I believe I remember a similar contest that CD flooded with votes that ended up giving both (all?) candidates money.

Yeah…I guess part of me just feels bad about it. Hopefully teams work with the other organizations looking for funding.

Currently at 639-274.

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

And yes, the library serves many, many people in the second largest city in our state. I’m sure that the Friends group does many worthwhile supplemental activities for the library! I know that we have a similar organization in my small town and they do make an impact. (Just for a comparison - Nashua has about 88,000 and my town has about 1,800.)

Alex is absolutely correct; Sanford is trying to increase their brand awareness while being a good community partner.

Last year, after we won a donation through the same process (thank you ChiefDelphi for your help then!), we sent them a thank you letter and a team photo in a nice package. We also did a demo for the company, driving the robot around, etc. We were the first organization that sent a photo and they hung it up. One of the owners was happy to tell me that they were pleased to receive the thank you note and photo. I guess my point is to make sure that all your sponsors, big and small, know that you value anything that they can do for you. I know we do!

I think it’s a great idea to try to work with the Nashua Library to do some sort of reading and robots event. :slight_smile: I will definitely suggest it to the team. We will be at my town’s library twice next month as part of the coding month for their Maker Club.


I’ll admit I felt a bit similar - it’s got quite a “Hunger Games” vibe to it.

Still though, the money is all going toward a good cause, and I’m sure there’s plenty of ways to also help out the local library if they do genuinely need funds.

I know that every team faces their own challenges whether it be fund raising, build space constraints, finding talented mentors, etc. Fund raising is one of ours. We don’t receive anything from a school district other than space. We can’t charge dues like other 4-H teams can. (It’s part of our agreement with the school.)

Yet, we have students who desperately need FIRST. If you look at Chamber of Commerce photos of rural New Hampshire, you don’t see the other aspects of our towns. Last April when our students discussed whether or not we should try to raise enough money to travel to Champs, there were a lot of concerns. After the vote, I talked with one student who thought they might not be able to attend because they could not afford to pay for lunch on the way out and back. Literally, lunch was going to be the difference. We quickly assured that student that the team could cover the cost. Free and reduced lunch is a given for many of our team members. I know many other teams also have the same concerns.

I would certainly not ask any member of the chiefdelphi community to vote for our team to receive this donation if they thought that the friends of library was a more deserving organization! I think we all need to support those organizations that we think are deserving of our help, whether it be voting on an online poll, donating hundreds or thousands of hours of volunteer time or outright monetary support.


Brighid, don’t take my posts the wrong way. In no way am I saying what you are doing is wrong!

It’s just that sometimes I forget how many other organizations in the world also need funding and it just makes me feel a little guilty that the funds we use don’t impact more students.

You don’t need to post here to defend yourself :slight_smile: