Please Help 2537 Win $20,000

Hi everyone, I’m a third year member of 2537, RAID from Atholton High School. We are entered in the Subway High School Heroes contest. The top prize is $20,000. It would mean a lot to us if you guys could help out by voting for us at

We are having a hard time with funding this year because we have lost sponsors. We are hard at work finding new ones and selling light bulbs but of course this would help us a lot. You can vote once per day through November 13. Thank you!

Done! Good luck 2537!

Is there a means of voting for those of us without facebook?


I don’t think there is. This would be really useful to us too, since if there was tech ed teachers could have their students vote in class like they do for sports contests. :frowning: I’ll let you know if I find a way.

I found a link that might work without Facebook.

Let me know if it does.

Nope, I just tried and it immediately wanted me to provide log in details for facebook.

That’s too bad. Oh well, thanks for trying!

Good luck!

Thank you for voting everyone! Please vote every day. We are in fourth place but only 5 votes away from third. ::safety::

I hope it’s ok for me to bump this up again. We are currently in 5th place in our category. Please remember to vote every day! THank you to everyone who already has!

With only 5 days left in the voting period we are on track to make it to the next round. We have put posters up all over our school and it’s on the daily announcements. Despite all our hard work, we are being trailed by the 6th place team by only about 100 votes. If they beat us we have no chance. Everyone on team 2537 would really appreciate if you took a minute to go to to vote for us. Thank you to everyone who has been!