Please help cant get command based robotpy to work

Sorry to bug you all again.

Our code crashes either in teleop or immediately depending on the init we put in robotInit() (or the lack of init we put in robotInit, ex: super().init()). We have no idea why. Teleop periodic and init do nothing except Scheduler.getInstance().run() and it still fails immediately. Scheduler should not run any commands at this point, but to my understanding it should be polling the joysticks to see if anything was pressed. It never gets that far, since it immediately dies in teleop. Anyway, you can look at our github, we have been tweaking things for about five hours and we spent all yesterday with similar issues. I have no idea what is wrong now.

Did you upgrade to the latest version of commands as I mentioned? I pushed some fixes last night that addressed some issues your code illuminated. py -m pip list should show 2020.2.2.3.

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