Please Help! Code successfully deploys but is not showing up on driver station [SOLVED]

When we try to deploy code using GradleRIO 4.4, in the terminal it reports successful, however the robot code remains red on the driver station. When opening console output, it states it is unable to open a shared library. I have googled and researched this problem for two days but am still unable to find a solution.
Previously we were able to deploy code, but we updated all firmware (roboRIO, TalonSRX, Driver Station, etc) to 2019 standards and now am unable to deploy code.

Any help would be much appreciated as we can not test code until this is fixed. Thank you! Feel free to ask for more details by replying to this post. We need this fixed ASAP.

Which one?

Gradle 4.4? Did you create a new project for 2019? You need to do that. 2018 projects do not work.

I believe it is an opencv library.

@Thad_House what do you mean? How can I create a new project for 2019?

Are you getting any “This code is not supported by the extension” messages?


Projects from 2018 are incompatible with the new WPILib extension. I’d recommend making a new project using the Wizard and copying your code files into it. If that works, then start merging the rest of the files.

What’s your team #? If your code’s public, I could have a look.

What do you mean? What Is the wizard you are talking about?

Open up VS Code, and you should see a little red hexagon in the upper right. Click on that, and it will give you some dropdown options. One of those is WPILib: Create a new project. That’ll bring up the wizard.

Also see the screensteps docs, in particular the doc on creating a robot program.

We tried this. It is a lot different than the sublime text we are used to. Is there another solution? Or do we have to use VS code?

If you want to use another editor, that’s fine. But if you do that, we still recommend you use vscode to create the project initially.

It probably would help to see at least a screenshot of your main project directory.

To merge, do we just copy the Robot.cpp from our old one to the new?

Also, how can we include CTRE/Phoneix .h ?

Yes, you can just copy in the Robot.cpp (and any other .cpp/.h files) from the old project to the new one. In order to get the vendor libraries, follow the steps here (generic) or here (CTRE) (this is another thing that is most easily done inside vscode).

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Our problem is now solved. Thank you guys!