PLEASE HELP: Footage of Friday Night

Aloha All!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the Black Eyed Peas concert and subsequent presentation of the Chairman’s Award was a very exciting change to the normal course of events this year!

However my team was very surprised that the CA was presented that night because we had been told multiple times that no cameras were allowed to the event. Due to those warnings, we have no video footage and just one picture from someone’s Iphone of that momentous night.

I know a lot of people were using their phones to record and perhaps maybe someone even brought a camera (which according to our concert tickets WAS allowed as long as it was for personal use). If anyone has footage could they please let us know? We would really love to have some to show our team members, family, and supporters at home. :slight_smile:


Team 359
The Hawaiian Kids

Also, if anyone has a still of us on stage, I’d like a copy. The official photo is missing the grey bearded guy on the far right.
Randy Wood