Please Help Me Identify a Circuit Board

I found the following board in our electronics archive. It probably came from an ancient KoP.

Stack Overflow has some information about it here: identification - Help Identifying this Circuit board - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Can anyone identify it? Is there any information available?

Thanks so much.

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The Stack Exchange told me PART of what it is.

It’s a controller for the CMUCam II. It’s not for the cRIO, it’s for the Isaac16 IFI controller. Date range 2005-2007 or so–CMUCam was introduced to FRC in 2005. I believe it’s the pan-tilt controller–camera would go on a pan-tilt unit and this would control servos and feed video back via the DB9.

Trying to recall who would be the best for more info…




The bottom right Ubicom chip seems to be the controller for the chip, with built in EEPROM. The bottom left Averlogic chip is a dedicated video frame memory chip used for buffering audio visual data. That, combined with 9 pin D sub connector and the transceiver chip directly underneath it corroborates the idea it’s a VISCA camera controller.

Oh wow, I had totally forgot about those! With the pan-tilt servos they’d point at the brightest green target they saw and basically just tell the IFI controller where it was looking IIRC. I remember we had taken the illuminated neon green vision targets these tracked and a few years later made it into robot cart underglow :grin:


Wow, this this is a blast from the past. I remember our team played around with these for a while but never got it to work reliably. It was probably great for its time, but it was certainly no Limelight.

Yep, I have one of these (tested and working no less!) at home in my old parts bin. Considering the processing power they had to work with at the time, they were pretty miraculous.

Thank you for your help, Everyone. Chief Delphi and the FIRST community rock!

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