Please help me with my Camera problems!

So, I could really use some help with my camera. First of all it doesn’t work. I plugged everything in the way the manual said to, and I turned on my electronics and everything else about my system works fine except for the camera. It doesn’t seem to be getting power from the RC. I have it plugged into pwm11 for power which I commented out in the joystick mapping segment of code in user_routines.c(default_routine()) and I have the pan servo connected to pwm06 and the tilt to pwm07 which I changed in the tracking.h file #define PAN_SERVO pwm06, and the tilt respectively. I also plugged a pwm cable into the TLL adapter thingamajig and that into the RC on the bottom like it says and shows. When I turn on the stuff I’m not getting any lights on the camera at all and the servos have never moved. It says in the terminal window “No camera data…” and I found that in terminal.c So, its saying that I’m not receiving any packets. I understand that, but why? So, I’m not sure if it has to do with power or the transfer of data. Any suggestions as to what is causing this problem and how to fix it? I feel like I’m the only team who has yet to get their camera moving. :rolleyes:

Also, I’m not sure if what I’m doing to get the degree for the tilt_servo to find the range of the bot to the rack is correct.
I wrote this in tracking.c at the very bottom:

unsigned float Find_Distance(void)
float radian;
float range;
radian = ((((angle I will measure in degrees that the tilt servo has to offer from down to up) / 256) * pi) / 180) * pwm07(which is my tilt_servo pwm);
range = (116 - (distance I have yet to measure between the floor and my camera because we haven’t placed it yet)) / tan(radian);

I read on another thread that the angle has to be in radians for the Tan() function to take. Also, does it matter in which source file I place this function? SO, my real questions are, Does anything about what I wrote make sense? And how does this compare to the:
pan angle = ((current pan PWM) - (pan center PWM)) * degrees/pan PWM step ?(other than I’m looking for tilt rather than pan). Do I have to subtract my pwm07 by something like you did in this one? Sorry if I’m being confusing, but I’m trying to understand all of this at once. (My team is made up of 5 people and I’m the only electrician and the only programmer and I don’t have much experience as a junior in high school.) Anyway, one thing at a time. Please help me if you can! Thanks

No power to the camera? No motion of the servos? It sounds like you don’t have your 7.2v backup battery plugged in. That’s where the camera and servos get their power.

Thanks very much. I’ve been readin up on this for quite some time and probably about 2 minutes before you posted your solution I came upon kevin’s FAQ and noticed that I needed the backup battery hooked up. I remember taking it out to charge it on Friday and I’m not sure if I put it back in or not, so I’m guessing that I forgot to do that when I set up the camera. I’ll check on Monday when I see it all again, and I’ll let you know then. Thanks a lot! (Any suggestions for the code?)