Please Help me with Youtube.

Hey guys and gals, could you guys do me a favor and rate my youtube video a 5?

I need to have the most ratings to win a full year sponsorship with KongPower Batteries.

IF you don’t like my video, you can always look at these too:

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I have a few of questions about this.

  1. Is the helicopter gas powered or electric?

  2. When you fly upside down, do you revers the blades? If not how do you do that?

  3. About how much money do you have invested in that?

  4. Do you have to be certified to fly?

Other than that, this is really cool! I have always wanted to get into RC trucks, but that looks like fun too.

the blade pitch changes for the inverted flight, its a gas

Got an honest “5”!

I LOVE R/C, especially acft and hellis,
I used to fly Ultimate 3Ds here in Israel,
but… had to stop and never returned =
still have my old trusty trainers though,
gathering dust in my basement =]

oh, and good luck with your sponsorship =]

acually, its electric.


I have had about 1500 dollars invested in that heli and all the equipment it needs to fly. You can get one flying for about 700 bucks but the equipment isn’t the best. Wilmo was right with the blades change their pitch when going upside down. And yes, you need a license to fly at the local field. You can get one at the Academy of Model Aeronautics(AMA)

Shiny. Got an honest 5 out of me. Good luck with that scholarship!

If you become a college student at a school with an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV), join it. Currently, their design challenge involves helicopters. (The UAV team here does those stunts routinely…but not for as long.) For a really cool video, try mounting the camera on the copter.

And yes, you do need an AMA or equivalent license to fly (or a buddy box held by an AMA person.) I’m on my college’s Aero Design team, and we “borrow” one of the UAV team to be our AMA person when we fly at a field. (We don’t have our own yet.)

First of all great flying.

Secondly check out my channel CoasterFuelPhil!

I even have some vids from this years Rochester Heli Event!:smiley:

You** do not** have to have a AMA ( to fly.

It is a very wise decision to have AMA though as RC is dangerous and the world is sue happy.

If you do not have an AMA membership you cannot fly at many club fields all across the country.

I do have my AMA membership though. It is about $60 a year and that includes insurance (theft, liability, etc)

A micro heli such as the RTF (ready to fly) AXE CP is about $150, a 400 size such as the RTF Eflite Blade $470, and nearly all 30 sized birds up to turbines must be purcashed in kit form.

My buddy actually called me today that he is now being sponsored by Kyosho!:smiley:

If anyone here is interested in helis I suggest you head on over to, join the forums there and subscribe to the magazine for $25 a year.

The specification was at a field. However, you can fly elsewhere without it, or at a field with a buddy box to someone who has it.

last day of the contest! please rate the video everoyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone as well