Please help!! Need Motor Speed Controlers

HI, My name is Lorenzo Santillan i have recently graduated from Carl hayden highschool. i was with Falcon robotics team 842. And im starting an R.O.V(Remotly Operated Vehicle) :frowning: team at the community college we have very limited funds and i was wondering if any body out there could help us out. I really think that a college should be doing robitcs team such as highschools. Im a very enthusiastic even if it takes me to get this sartedā€¦if any one can help with a spare Victor 884speed controller we are going to make a vex operating system but these items will not allow us to complete it i hope you guys help us outā€¦please

What community college out of curiosity?

Our team is rather close to GCC and I think we might have a few spare Victors.

oh that is very great we are in Phoenix College we really apreaciate it if you can support us. well my team is made up of about 8 people but im the one that is pretty much pushing through not alot of them are motivated so with my falcon robotics experince i hope to really put pc on the map or if you guys would just lik me to come over ill be very happy to also

Way to go ZO! Thanks to GCC for helping him out! We want to get this underwater competition going. You might think of doing a team too!

Thanks again!! The FIRST community is great!

woops, that team 498, thought you were GCC. You should still do the NURC competition anyway!! We will help you anyway we can!!! Team 842 Falcon Robotics