PLEASE HELP: OI switch box not working


We have a switch box for our OI this year, and whenever one of the switches is pressed, the voltage drops and so changes the analog inputs.

We have the switches going from signal to ground. When nothing is pressed, there are 4.9 volts on the supply, but when we press something it drops to 4.7 volts.

So, we need a resistor (1k) on the switches, and it works fine. However, the buttons on the joystick do not have a resistor and they work fine.

And shoving a piece of wire to connect the pins as the switch would has the same voltage dropping problem.

Thanks so much for any help!

How do you have your switches wired? Specifically, what are the two terminals on your switch connected to?

thanks but we just found the problem
one of our joysticks was drawing current for an unknown (as of now) reason. We’re switching joysticks.