Please help our FIRST teams w/votes in Community Giveaway

Our local Community Foundation has established a Giveaway program to help various programs within our community! The top 2 vote-getters will receive $2,000 for their program!

Our school’s robotics programs are part of this giveaway! We are asking if anyone out there in CD Land could take a second and help vote for our program to be one of the recipients! We are up against our district band programs, athletics, and performing arts programs. All of these programs are great and have a lot of participation within our district! We currently have 1 FRC, 2 FTC, and 2 Jr.FLL teams in our district! The money would go to help each of our robotic programs!

Here is a link to the site!

Thank you for your consideration and help! It would be a big boost for our program to be recognized in this manner and help bring more awareness to our program in our district and community!

Team 5167

Marysville High School
Marysville, MI