Please help our team in our IndieGoGo campaign

Hi Teams !!

I’m from Tea 2576 “Chilean Heart”, We are the only FRC team in Chile. Unfortunately, as a team formed by social risk students (and coming from different cities of our country which is more than 5,000 miles away from the U.S.A.), we don’t have the money our team needs to attend the competition

We need to raise US$22.000 before March 11. With that money we are going to pay our trip from Santiago, Chile, to Los Angeles, California, for the FRC Los Angeles Regional, in Long Beach.

Here is the campaign

Please spread this! Our trip to the competition depend of that.

We really appreciate your help, thank you very much!

Team 2576
Corazón de Chileno®

pd: If I make a mistake posting here, please excuse me :frowning: