Please help! REV Extrusions

Hello everybody. Our team made the late decision of not buying the bushings or mounting plate for rev extrusion system, and by the time we went to buy them they were already sold out. We already have the modular and bearings. Is there any team out there that is willing to sell or trade for some bushings and mounting brackets for the rev modular system? It will be greatly appreciated.

Mounting plate :

Thank You!
Team 2849

p.s. I already tried researching other products that might be used for replacements but no luck.

If you cant find anyone who wants to trade for the mounting plates, they should be pretty easy to fabricate. I could make some from Polycarbonate pretty easily on my CNC router.

oh we didn’t think about that! we have a cnc mill at our school so maybe we could do that if we cant find anyone who is willing to trade. Thanks!

No problem, there is even a step file if you dont have the time to design one from scratch.