Please help Team 1323 win 25K!

Hey CD, Team 1323 applied last month for the refresh everything grant by pepsi. We made it to the voting process and we are currently ranked 26 in the 25k tier. We would really appreciate if you all could put in a vote a day.

You can login with facebook or create a pepsi account to vote. If anyone has any extra pepsi caps laying around and wouldn’t mind to use them to power vote for us or you can send me a PM with the code and I could do it. Thank you guys. We really want to win!


Off Topic: your CAD library is amazing


We are actually in the process of getting a new layout that would be 10x better. Provide an uploading page. More content of 500 plus parts and all the models will have weights (native models)/where to purchase/etc…

In the next few months we’ll be coming out with an update. Just been busy!


I voted… Good Luck.

Voted. The page also says you can vote again by texting 107998 to 73774.
I also sent an email on Facebook to the creator of the World of FIRST day 2011 event. It has over 3,000 members attending so hopefully she spreads the link out to them.
Good Luck!!!
P.S. I think im going to buy a 24-pack of pepsi to get one of the “power votes”.

EDIT: The Facebook event creator will be sending out the info later tonight (Yay! :D)

I voted, and will tell my entire team to vote!

You’ve got the Chief Delphi community behind you. I have a good feeling you’re gonna win. :cool:

ranked 32nd come on CD!!!

Is it sad that i voted more as a thank you for your CAD library? :yikes:

I’m at work so I can’t check myself right now, but is there anything stopping me from voting via text 10,000 times a day?

Not that i know of. I would say go for it. and if you can’t, they might send back a text saying one per phone. most things like this allow unlimited texts.

Unfortunately, its 1 vote per phone per day. I already tried

Just power voted :slight_smile:

Good luck guys.

Thank you everybody…unfortunately we went down. We are ranked #32 now

Voted. Told the team to vote, also!
Good luck :slight_smile:

Voted, good luck guys!
I dont see how you wont win…has anyone ever really heard about FIRST and didnt think it was an awesome idea? No. Best of Luck!

Just voted…I’ll spread the word to my team members.

Thanks Everyone,

You can also text vote:

Text* 107998 to Pepsi (73774) to vote from your mobile and regular vote!


As of today we are in 20th place! Thank you everybody for voting. Keep them coming!

Voted again, you dropped to 22nd. Hopefully everyone is voting each day

Voted. I’ll also try my best to find “Power Vote” Pepsi products, worth 100 votes per code. These are redeemable through the link above the “Vote” button if others didn’t see.

Good Luck, Guys!