Please, help us :) at Championship

Dear all,

Please, our team 1860 (Cephatron) needs help with lent batteries and charges, because we are a international team (Brazil) and for us that need a international trip, the battery transportation is very difficult. When we participated at regionals, we bought some batteries and at the end we donate them to US teams. By the way, a special thanks for team 3005, that helped us with their batteries.:slight_smile:

At the end of the competition, we will devolve, each one to respective team.

This will help us.:eek:


Team 1860:D

I’m not sure what you are needing from your post, is it chargers, batteries or something else?

Having worked with a team from Brazil before at Championship myself I know they probably need batteries and chargers.

FIRST does provide them with some, but not enough to get them through a competition in my opinion.

EDIT* It seems you are already on top of things Clint. Check here for the Batteries CMP MEGA Thread


See my need thread here, I’m sure we can get enough teams together to help out all the international folks.


I will see.



If your team is still in need of batteries team 3044 (0xBe4) could probably lend a few to you guys.

Safe travels, see you guys on Tesla!