Please Help Us, FTC Programming

Hey we are a newbie team and need some help programming in Labview, specifically with getting TeleOp Basic to run. We are using an older Field Control System and so are running the computer to the NXT brick with a USB cable. So far here is what we have done:

  1. Opened the program TeleOp Basic that came in the templates folder.

  2. Replaced the default Motor Configuration array with our own original TETRIX motor config.

  3. Downloaded to NXT Brick. (Vers. 1.28)

  4. Ran it on the NXT Brick and on computer w/controller.

Nothing happens! We had it running a few weeks ago just fine but all of a sudden nothing works. All suggestions are appreciated, and a huge thanks in advance!:yikes:

I recommend you post in the dedicated FTC sub-forum:

But please make sure your wiring is correct. One key wiring component that is missed by many new teams is: make sure you connect the cable that goes from the NXT to the motor controller into the port that is on the side where “TETRIX” is written on the top of the controller. This seems to be shown the opposite in many diagrams and I have been told should not matter - but I have still seen programs spring to life when wired using that setup.

According to the sole senior member of our team, most newer versions of the LabView program are incompatible with the NXT brick. Why not use direct/wireless connection of cRIO to a remote computer?

did you download program chooser to your NXT? It’s in the Program Chooser 2.0 folder in your examples folder. After downloading it to the NXT, you must activate it on the nxt then use the NXT’s arrow keys to select your Teleop program, then press the orange button twice. Otherwise the controller station won’t know what to load. Hope this helps. Contact me if you have further problems.