Please Help Us with Vision Processing. Please.

My fellow programmers and I have had the most absolute hard time programming Vision Processing. We can run and detect the reflective tape based off of intensity, which is our preferred method, from the Rectangular Target Processing example code. We have successfully integrated it into our own, as well. However, we cannot get any sort of display to see that the code is working. Please, please, please, please, please help us.

If you just want to debug and see if it is working, you can run the code using the Run button, open the VI, and turn on annotations. LV panels will slow execution speed, but they are great for debugging.

If you are talking about your deployed code and keeping it around after you know it works, look to integrate the annotations into the dashboard. Clearly you need the Target data array sent back. You can flatten the data and send it from the robot as Low or High priority data. They are basically the same.

Once you have the flattened data in the dashboard, add the data to the cluster that is extracted from the string and wire it into the annotation code.

Greg McKaskle

We are using the cRIO II. Also, we have image feed. We just want a way of indicating that our code is detecting the camera.

You can write a line to the Driver Station screen saying either “Camera Detected” or “Camera Not Detected”, as applicable, using the Driver Station/Write User Message function.