Please help us

We are a rookie team, Team 5241, and we decided to use JAVA for programming. Unfortunately, after downloading all we needed, the student who was helping us quit robotics and now we are stuck. Could anyone send us a code so that we can image the cRIO just to see if the robot will run? We would be most appreciative! Thank you.

Unfortunately we are going to need much more information to help than you are providing. Hereis a presentation that our team gave this past fall at the VA FRC Workshop on Command Based Java that should help get you started. Let me know if you have any more questions.

As a rookie team, perhaps you could reach out to another FRC team in your city to help mentor you.

There are several in San Antonio.

Thank you for the powerpoint link. I am forwarding it to our programmer. We are most appreciative!

You are welcome, there is also a .rar file in there with example code that goes along with the powerpoint.

We are being mentored by Team 3345 and one from another school district. Unfortunately, the second mentoring team does not use Java and team 3345 lost its programmer. We are going to reach out to the others and if not, we will use Lab View. Thank you for the suggestion.