PLEASE make a CNC or general manufacturing section

The fact that all questions and conversation regarding manufacturing and CNC take place in a single thread originally about CNC routers is a shame.



Having it in that one thread does at least mean that you can find what you are looking for most of the time by just reading through or ctrl-F.

Thirded. A hub for this kind of information would be a huge help.

Luckily the search function works incredibly well, but it would be really nice to track the threads in that area.

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I kind of like that it is in one place. It forces people to stick to that thread and read/search through it instead of asking the same questions over and over.


Wouldn’t this fall under the Technical Discussion topic?

It would, but there is a LOT of other traffic that goes through that is completely unrelated to manufacturing that you have to sort through. Programming is a technical topic too, so are a lot of the things we talk about here. We have a photography sub forum here on CD which is separate from the general topic of media also. We have sub forums for different programming languages. CD could benefit a lot from further sub-dividing our more mechanically and fabrication oriented topics.

  • Yes, create Manufacturing sub-category
  • No, don’t create Manufacturing sub-category

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I didn’t bring over old polls, yet, but you can always create new ones. Let’s test them out here.

(Someone ping me in a week, if I forget to check the results)

That is a very one sided poll right there.

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/s/ Its one of the most contentious polls i’ve ever seen

EDIT: It is also super cool that you can make a poll mid topic, rather than have to make a separate thread.

This is an incredible feature. It also allows people to make better poll options if they believe there are better options instead of being stuck with the original poll forever.

Bump, for great sub-forum!

Manufacturing is there now. If there are any recent/active topics that you think should move, flag them for moderators.


flagging my CNC router thread now

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Just a heads up, this is visible to users About the Manufacturing category

That said, do you need help coming up with a sub-forum description?

We can just throw something in really basic for the moment and come up with some drafts in this thread and maybe vote on it?


Glad this forum is a thing now though! :slight_smile:

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Chips are flying!*

I just seeded the Manufacturing sub-forum with a bunch of existing relevant threads so it wouldn’t look like a ghost town.

  • GIF was from one of This Old Tony’s YouTube videos - I highly recommend that channel if you like machining and/or bad dad jokes.

This man speaks truth.