Please Post Info Bout OFF-Seasons

I know there have been many Off-season competition mentioned, but info about them has been very scarce!
We went to Rally in the Valley and are signed up for BattlecryIII

We would like to go to as many as possible, are willing to travel anywhere up to about 8 hours!

I heard that there are 2 or more compeittions in NH and some in NJ, I would like to get some emal addresses maybe some actual info on where they are in order to sign up!

I heard there is one June 1st and we would love to go! Need info!!

So please if people could post some solid info here on them, or start a solid thread for them that would be a HUGE help!

On the 4th of July my team will be hosting a demostration/mock competition if you would like to attend e-mail me at [email protected].

Hey ChubToad,

Bring your team to SE Michigan on October 19th!
Ford, Rochester High School and the rest of Team Ford FIRST are hosting the 3rd annual Sweet Repeat, with big screen projection, production lighting, great music, good food, free T-shirts, and beautiful trophies. PLUS… the one and only FABULOUS All Girl Tournament.

Email or call me for info.
(Our new website will be up soon)

	Susan Krussell
	coach Team #201
	[email][email protected][/email]
	248 375 5722

actually…team 25 told me they are doing an all girl one, and they told me that like, 3 weeks ago when they invited my team to thier competition

Brunswick Eruption- Nov 23 at NBTHS, North Brunswick, NJ

right in the middle of NJ only 5 minutes from the Turnpike and Rt 1

To clarify-

we will have all girl rounds and some other non FIRST competitions at lunchtime. It will be a day different from the others- believe me!!

Everyone is invited. Robots from all years invited too…

check the page at

You want to be there- you know you do!!!

…robots from all years?


Do we have to compete at all?:smiley:

   i mean, i m a good watcher:cool:

*Originally posted by Wayne C. *
** Everyone is invited. Robots from all years invited too… **

does this include multiple robots from this year?

sure- why not. Do you want to have a two robot, 1 team alliance?

Each robot is 1 registration. Take a look at the page

You want to be in this thing


try that address again- here is the one that works!!!

i know team 271 would love to go, however i’m not the person to decide this. i will discuss it with my team and get back to you. it sounds like alot of fun, and it’s only 80 miles from us! compared to 300 to get to ralley in the valley and 250 to get to mayhem on the merrimack.

*Originally posted by DaBruteForceGuy *

Do we have to compete at all?:smiley:

   i mean, i m a good watcher:cool: **

::sigh; shaking head:: :rolleyes:

can u imagen all the robotix girls driving robots?..
i mean, we’ve got a lot of frustation dealing w/ u boys and all…(jk)

but i know personally, me behind the joystick is NOT a pritty

if your gonna watch… i suggest you wear ur safty goggles… it might turn in to battle bots if i’m up there

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(*all a joke, don’t get all rowdy and get angry at me, its gonna be fun!)

Well than, that putts a bit of a twist on the whole idea of a FIRST chicks pride now doesn’t it!
I mean most of the girls (though very few) on my team are in the buissness end of the “operatio”. So now all these girls will realies that IT AINT EASY BEING OUT THERE! Maybe the girls won’t yell at us guys when we mess-up on the controls anymore!:smiley:
And i’m still good with the idea of watching the whole scene unfold. (chicks and robots, my two favorite pass-time…COMBINED! Sounds good to me:cool: )

ono, we’ll still yell at uz:p

Kant we all just get along,

(while watching the girls in the all girls round):smiley:

oh and don’t hurt me “firewolf”:frowning:

sigh but i guess we can’t live without them either, now can we…
:rolleyes: nope we can’t:)

The IRI is july 19 and 20 in Indianapolis Indiana. Cost for the event is $300. you can register by going to

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oh and don’t hurt me “firewolf”:frowning: **

no… but i feel a ‘hug time’ comming on…:smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

oooooooh i’m still here:D