Please post your 2005 Chairman's Award entries

Please consider posting your 2005 Chairman’s Award entries in the white papers section - Team Organization section - Chairman’s Award subsection -so that we can all learn from one another.

RAGE Team 173 has posted their 2005 CA entry in the white papers section. We are submitting to the UTC New England Regional.

Team 180 S.P.A.M has posted ours as well, here . We are competing at Central Florida

You can read Team 108’s Essay at our website: under the Chairman’s tab at the bottom. We are competing at the Florida Regional.

The 461 Chairman’s Award is available on our website for any who wish to read it. I believe it is under a tab for Chairman’s. We will be submitting it to the Midwest Regional this year.

Here’s ours .

Lisa - is this the format you’re going to hand out to the judges at regionals? I like it, but doesn’t seem like it would read too well in the submission format without seeing the tie in to the e-mail headers.

It’s the format that we’ll have handy in the pits to distribute to interested judges and passersby. For the submission, I just copy-and-pasted the body and did a simple To: ------ Subject: ------ format.


Ours is in the Downloads section of our new site. You can find it out here.


We are a rookie team and therefore cannot make an actual Chairman’s submission, however for rookies it was suggested to make one to help to win the Rookie All-Star award. The submission that was created for our team can be found on our website.

Team 1276’s Chairman’s award entry is located here. (sorry about the lack of pictures)

Here’s 103’s Hall of Fame entry:Cybersonics Technology Team 103 - Chairman’s HoF 2005

Wow, talk about being inspired! I have read all of these entries with great interest and have come away from each of them thinking, WE ARE DOING WONDERFUL THINGS! I hope more teams will take the opportunity to post links to their entries so that we can continue to share ideas with one another.

If someone could PLEASE do a BIG favor and post the actual Chairman’s Award question(s)? In reading these great submissions, I am interested in what the question(s) are? Is it just an essay?

Haverford Robotics

I just posted my team’s Chairman’s entree. We are also a rookie team. Here’s to hoping it helps toward the All-Star. I would like to thank everyone that volunteered to proofread the entree before I submitted it. Thanks for all the input!

There has been a lot of discussion concerning the Chairman’s Award over the past several weeks in various threads. Rather than repeating what has already been posted concerning the questions which the Chairman’s Award addresses, I will suggest to you to check out this thread and any others in the Chairman’s Award section of the forum: Chairman’s Award Essay, as well as to check out the FIRST Manual:The Awards in which the Chairman’s Award is addressed in section 9.2. Hope this helps you!

We have our entry and presentation on our website (link in signature) under Award Submissions on the right hand menu. Also, we have our chairman’s entry in the white papers,

Somebody have time to start a running list of which ones are posted, and contacting the winners to ask to post?

Team 007’s Chairman’s Entry can be found here. We are extremely proud of this entry and are very excited to be able to show you all what we’ve done. =)

Here is Team 1006, Port Perry Robotics winning Chairman’s submission from the 2005 Waterloo Regional!

s Award Winner.doc (34.5 KB)

s Award Winner.doc (34.5 KB)