please pray for a mentor's family


Our team’s programming mentor lost his youngest daughter after she
was in childbirth late yesterday. The baby is fine, but there were complications
after she gave birth and they lost her. We don’t know if and when He will be
back, but we keep his family in our prayers and will continue on somehow
while he’s gone.

We will try to find another mentor while He’s gone or try to contact one of
our former programming mentors that moved out of town. Mike Slatter
if You read this please contact Mrs. Burgess.

Team 1501 sends their condolences and our prayers are for her family. R.I.P.

Prayers are already on their way.

Let us know if you need programming support until he returns. We will try to help all we can.

That is a tragedy. my sincerest condolences go out to him and his family.

Sorry to hear about that, I too can help your team with programming while your mentor gets some resting time.

That’s terrible, I’m sorry to hear about that.