Please raise the consecutive replies

…at least for #other:games-trivia from 3 to no limit.

While playing FM we have a strict rule against editing posts. However, if you try to make a fourth post in a row, the system tells you to edit a previous reply and won’t let you post.

This adversely punishes people in “off” time zones (I’m running into this problem right now because I’m in Australia). If we can’t post more than three times, and we can’t edit prior posts without breaking the rules, we are literally forced to not participate simply because my afternoon is when everybody else is asleep.

Raising this cap for this category seems to make sense, given its nature, and if the rest of the forum keeps the current limit I don’t forsee any issues.


It doesn’t appear to be possible in Discourse to set the consecutive replies setting on a per-category basis. If anybody can find an actively supported plugin to accomplish this (or find a setting I missed), I will be happy to change the setting for this one category.


You can quote and respond to multiple posts from within a single post.


Quoting multiple posts is not the issue - as we cannot edit posts, anything you don’t think of at first could come back to bite you if you hit the three post limit.

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