Please Raise the Edit Limit

One of the main Discourse staff also added their take:

I’ve asked if a plugin could fix this, but it seems they tend to think it’s not worth the time investment unless it becomes a proven issue.

So we’ll see about plugins I guess. :man_shrugging:

This cannot always be done. In mafia sign up pages, the OP needs to be changed a lot so we can update who has signed up to play. If there’s 20 people who are playing in that game, then there should be 20 edits (not including people who change their minds about deciding to play and their replacements)

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I have to side with the admins here. #other:games-trivia is no really the main focus here on CD, though I do enjoy them. Games should cater to the existing limitations of CD. There are reasons for the way the site is set up. If the devs did decide to set up more editing for only threads tagged games, I still think it would be a waste of their time. The most complex game I play is some occasional mafia. Others I find too complicated/time consuming/annoying to play. Keep the actual FIRST related discussion top priority here.


But the change in question is as easy as changing a number and in no way negatively impacts normal technical discussion.

In addition, they seem open to a plugin, which is more work for everyone involved and much riskier than raising the edit limit.


Good point.


For Zook and anyone else wondering, here’s an example of a wiki (with 22 edits, I might add). This, in my opinion, is the true benefit of this feature. It’s worked great for me and I understand that people are playing games, here, but there are lots of tools and workarounds for a small percentage of what really goes on here.


Likewise, note that you can see every single edit that has been made to that post as well, by clicking on the green pencil/square icon to the top right of the post. This works in the exact same manner as the orange pencil icon of any non-wiki post that has been edited, and again provides a completely public log of every edit that has been made to any post.

Now this is anecdotal, so all caveats apply, but offline I’ve received a lot of comments from existing CD users about their strong dislike of Games/Trivia threads. Their main concern was that replies there “clogged” the homepage/latest posts section, so the apparent signal-to-noise ratio was terrible for actual robotics content.

Many of these users had essentially abandoned reading CD until I walked them through muting the Other category. So while Games/Trivia may help recruit some users, it’s off putting to others. I’m not sure if the net gain/loss works to either side’s advantage without hard data.


It’s muted by default for all new users. This is both mostly irrelevant to the current discussion and in fact already as fixed as it can reasonably be.

It was certainly not muted for me when I switched over from the old CD. Maybe brand new users have it muted? Either way, it’s annoying to those who don’t play.

I’m not sure you’re right about this. Not sure if I agree but it can be fixed much more thoroughly by not allowing certain games. Anyways don’t wanna derail this thread too much but I see some assertions here that are completely bogus that ought to be corrected.


The change happened not long after the site change. Anyone new who enters the site today will not see any gaming related items.

I also remember people saying that they wont be using CD anymore because it left Vbulletin. Not to downplay the games clogging the front page part, but theres a lot of arguably “petty” reasons that people left not long after the switch.


I was referring to the issue of:

I was not at all commenting on the state of posts within Games/Trivia, merely the visibility of those posts in general.

I apologize if you feel my claim is still “bogus”, but in this case I believe you assume I was saying something I was not.

The automatic muting of Games/Trivia (amongst a few other categories) was a solution decided upon after a lot of discussion and debate about how best to solve the issue of post visibility. I personally am of the opinion that it was a good solution, and I assume CD staff are as well, given it is the solution they chose. I’m sorry for anyone who does not feel the same, but it is likely our best option given the available tools Discourse gives site administration.

If anyone wishes to further comment on this particular issue, I ask they please use one of the threads dedicated to this discussion, as it is not directly applicable to the issue this topic seeks a solution for.

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Incase anyone is interested in reading about #other:games-trivia #other:chit-chat being muted by default.


You already got an official opinion from the guy in charge, plus lots of the community seems to disagree with you. I’m not sure that bumping your thread repeatedly after a few days or hours is really going to do much more than be a nuisance.


Can i ask why it’s not possible to host the games on Discord and simply post on CD whenever a new game is opening signups and link the server? I would think this would almost certainly solve the problem you’re having.

Discord allows for post editing for (i believe) an unlimited amount of time and you can pin a signup post or whatever you need.


Ironic, considering the edit limit is quite the nuisance.

Still, I haven’t really heard any dissenting opinions that have a solid reasoning - all of the fears that have been brought up are not founded in any past incidents and already easily avoidable. When this has been pointed out, there has been no further reasoning or explanation of why these fears are actually founded, despite initial appearances.

It’s a real pain to be locked out of a basic feature on a site I’ve been using for years because of fears that nobody has been able to prove aren’t baseless paranoia.

When even the Discourse staff are saying “don’t restrict users for fears you don’t know are issues, just raise the limit and if it becomes a problem just lower it again”, I think it’s worth looking seriously at if maybe they’re right.

If you have any past experiences of somebody hitting the edit limit cap in under 5 minutes in a way that is considered abuse and would be even more harmful with a higher limit, I’m all ears.

But until such time, I can’t say I see any grounds for leaving this the same when multiple users would benefit from it and it would adversely affect zero.

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If you want this feature just do what Brandon said you could do, find a plugin for discourse to do this or write your own.

Not to bash the op of the thread, but this one went through a slew of changes during its first 24hrs, and someone who joined in the convo 3hrs later would of seen a very different message than someone did 10min in.

There was also another user (now gone) who liked to make many changes to their posts directly after posting, that really could of been done just fine before posting. Many users would point out to be a pain to deal with as they would add paragraphs a minute after someone else responds, totally changing their post and defeating the response.

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I’ve been out of the country on what amounts to a business trip since mid-August and only got back yesterday. I’ve understandably therefore been unable to do such, and with an upcoming move back to college and classes this could be a while.

I’m not against this inherently, but given the added time and risk to CD for no real benefit, I’d prefer to not.

Again? 16 of 37 posts to date in this have been from you. Brandon has said he is not inclined to change it this time. And FYI season kickoff in in 4 days, don’t you have more pressing robot related things to do? This Forum is about to kick into high gear for what it is made for. Maybe ask again in April.
FYI I’m muting this thread - which I don’t do very often.