Please Read The Manual !!

YEAH - WHAT HE SAID !! :mad:

PLEASE READ the manual BEFORE asking AND/OR answering questions. AND please remember what Dean/Woodie said (I don’t remember which one said it …) “WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY”. If you just read the manual (including definitions) most of the rules are spelled out rather clearly. The un-necessary noise on this site just makes it harder to find the useful information.

The idea is that this year we are supposed to focus more on “intent”. The interpretation of the rules will undoubtedly vary slightly from one competition to the next, the same as different sets of referrees will call a sporting event differently than their colleagues, but all teams at the same event will live by the same set of interpretations. If you feel you must “push the limits” of the intent, then that is a risk your team is taking.



Way to ease the traffic, buddy.


All I can say is THANK YOU. We’ve all been waiting for someone to do this. He is right, go read your manuals before you ask questions. Most of the questions that have been asked are answered in the manual…so read it!

This is so stupid sounding to say read the rules, but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t. Look at the FIRST Q+A thing. It’s littered with people who didn’t read the manual at all!

Anyway, I want to add something important. Read carefully: Read the manual, cover to cover (even if it’s digital). If you look around, you’ll notice that a lot of the questions people have make it obvious that they didn’t take the time to read the little sections here and there. The manual tells you exactly how to get parts you’re missing from the kit. However, people have even posted on the Q+A site to find out how to do it. It amazes me. How do you expect to build a complex robot if you can’t get this simple task through your head. Read it. The whole thing. When you’re done, maybe you should even read it again.


P.S. Is it possible to put this right on the front of the site or at least on the head of the portal or something - that way everyone sees it and gets the hint?

I have a request for the moderators and another one for the posters.

I know all of you are extremely busy with your team and posting messages, but please try to do the following things:

Moderators: please lock up the simple question threads once they are properly answered. There is no need to add any more into those threads if the person got what they need.

Posters: Yes, I know it is frustrating that people ask questions without reading the maneul. But instead of just telling them “read the manuel”, please answer their questions, and use EXACT QUOTE from the rule book. It doesn’t help if you answer with “I think” or “maybe”. This will get people to read the manuel more often, and train them to think in terms of the rules and finding the answers in the right place. Tell them which rule section to look at, and put down the rule number. It is nice that you are trying to help, but make sure you are giving useful information.

Remember, the important thing to do is to reduce the post count in the question threads so it don’t resurface again and again and flood the forum.

The whole point of a forum is to provide assistance to people who need it. I am in complete agreement with Ken in that if you want to add quotes from the manual to help these poeple out then by all means do so. If you are one that has the information these people are seeking then share, that is what FIRST is all about. To come on this INFORMATION EXCHANGE and say you want everyone to know everything it contradicts the purpose of this forum.