Posted by bonnie at 03/27/2001 10:34 PM EST

Other on team #343, Metal in Motion, from Hamilton Career Center and Hamilton Career Center and Oconee Partners.

In reading an earlier post, I noticed that some of the teams are going to be staying near Old Town and I wanted to give a word of warning. I have never been there, but a family from our community was there just about this time last year. One night as they were trying to cross the highway a horrible tragedy occurred. The father, mother and son were hit by a car killing the mother and 7year-old son instantly. The father survived for several months in a coma and state of semi vegetation. The only survivor was the 14 year-old daughter.

I really don’t mean to be a downer with all the excitement that is building for the nationals, but you all seem like such terrific people, I would hate for something like this to happen again. So PLEASE be extremely careful in crossing the highway. Our team members will NOT be crossing it. We love you guys, so lets be safe. Thanks for listening. And….