Please, Rookie team we've got matches tomorrow and our elevator is not working

Please, Rookie team we’ve got matches tomorrow and our elevator is not working

Are you using the Talon SRX’s in PWM mode or CAN mode? If CAN (as is standard), you want to use the Talon specific motor VIs instead of the generic motor VIs.

If you’re at an even now and you need programming/electronics help, you should look for your local CSAs (the people in the bright orange hats). Their job is to help teams solve electronics and programming issues, and it will probably be a lot faster to get their help than waiting for people on the internet.

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From the code you posted I can infer that you are using a PWM talon SRX, correct?
I assume that verticlMotor is the motor controlling your elevator.
In your it looks like the True case shown here is only executed if you push a button on your joystick AND the topLimit is True (unless it is normally closed then it’s ok and we’ll have to find the real problem here).
Also, @AriMB probably gave you the best advise for issues like this at events.

Did you install the Phoenix libraries to your RoboRIO?

Not sure if the “motor” vis use them or not as we are using the Talon specific ones but it is something to check.

If they’re using the Talons over PWM, they don’t need the Phoenix libraries since the Talons function like any other “dumb” motor controller.

If they’re using the Talons over CAN, they need to install the Phoenix libraries and control them with the Talon-specific VIs. The normal motor VIs won’t work because they only work with a PWM signal, not CAN.

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