Please - stop posting needless stuff!

/me gets on soapbox

I have a simple request. This is for something that we all do once in a while. But since these boards are sooo busy these days, I am requesting that we refrain from posting needless stuff and be more efficient. People need to refrain from “chiming in” with something that really doesn’t add to the discussion.

These discussion boards have been around since the summer of 1998 and they have proven to be probably the best resource for FIRST teams. People come here for discussion of issues, clarification of rules, and requests for help.

All of this discussion is good.

However, over the past 2-3 weeks, there seems to be a deluge of needless posts. I can understand if these posts were in Chit-Chat, but many of them are in other threads where things are trying to be clarified.

I’ll give some examples:

  1. It took 27 posts before the REAL 13" ball from Palos Sports was determined.
  2. Some people are asking another team has tested something, and other people have replied: not yet, we are testing tomorrow (or something similar)

Why post these things?

We really need to be more efficient. I’ve been guilty of this too. Once things ease up a bit, we can relax more… but right now there is a ton of traffic. Consider me one of the traffic cops.

/me steps off soapbox

… and no, don’t reply to this post with a “yeah, what HE said!” :slight_smile:

Andy B.

I agree,

Lately I take a look at the Portal… and I am so overwhelmed by the amount of new content that I simply give up and nearly not read anything at all. I want to be informed, but it’s not worth my time to skim through huge threads just to find that 5% of information that may actually be useful.

There is no longer a need to rack up post counts because we all have custom titles (am I still correct about this?). So please, only post if you have something intelligent to add onto the conversation, don’t post just for mere presence.



p.s. I know I have been guilty of this at times too, but we all live and learn.

Top 14 guide lines for posting on Chief Delphi Forum:

  1. If you have a simple questions, research the answer in the manual or use the search function before posting. Report it to moderators and get it locked as soon as you got the answer you need.

  2. When answering questions, only answer when you have a definite answer with the exact quote from the rule book to back it up. Do not post answers like “I think” or “Maybe…”.

  3. Only add to existing answers if you find them incompletely or wrong.

  4. When commenting on a good (or bad) post done by someone, use the reputation points system instead of replying to their post. Let them know you appeciate their effort, or give them advices on how they can be better.

  5. Have a point whenever you post a message. Avoid one liners that says “very interesting”, “I agree”, “I don’t like it”.

  6. Avoid creating a thread that’s over-generalized. Try to be specific in your discussion, and be prepared to organize the discussion into sub topics.

  7. Watch which message you are replying to. Only reply directly to someone’s post only if you are responding to their message. Otherwise reply under the starting post.

  8. Start the thread under the appropiate forum.

  9. If the discussion is off topic, create a new thread for the new topic and stop it right there.

  10. If you see multiple threads about the same topic, link to them in the biggest one, and report to the moderators to be locked.

  11. Be brief and quick to your point. The less people have to read, the faster they will understand you.

  12. Think twice before you make a post. Spend at least 5 minutes thinking if you are contributing to the discussion. If you are wasting people’s time, posting just to put your name up, or just feel like you have nothing better to do, don’t do it.

  13. Teach by example. Don’t tell others to do what you won’t do yourself.

  14. Be considerate of others. Everyone start out as a beginner, so do not be harsh to anyone who do not know the way.

This is where reputation points can be very useful. Those of us who feel that there is to much needless posting going on, should be assigning negative reputation points to those needless posts. This way the posters can begin to see that they’re upsetting people, clogging up space, and making it very difficult to find important information in a timely manner.

ChiefDelphi has become one of the best tools in FIRST, lets try our hardest to keep it that way. =)

one of the beautiful things about having the WHOLE MANUAL in pdf format is the lastest version of acrobat allows you to put all the files in one directory and:



so if you need info on wires, open the first section of the manual, and search on ‘wire’ in all pdfs in that directory

if you want to know what is NOT allowed - search on the word ‘not’


so much computational power at your disposal - right there on your desk

it would be a crime not to use it!

I know we’re supposed to reduce traffic and not say “what he said,” but I just wanted to post here to send this up to the top of the portal again so more people will see it. Is it possible to put this request as a blurb like Brandon does all the time on the front of the site?

I’m guilty of this crime as well, but we can make things work better. Good luck to all as usual.

One more piece of advice. USE PRIVATE MESSAGING! If someone is responding to someone directly or asking them a direct question, send them a private message and not on the board where everyone has to read your personal conversation.

This IS an announcement on the portal. No need for bumping, which is, after all, prohibited by the rules here.

I agree wholeheartedly. I also want to say to everyone, don’t post one-liners. A post that just says ‘Oh yeah!’ or ‘So what?’ should be kept to yourself. You’re just causing a burden for the sever.

Depending on the server, we might have overload problems with the MySQL database if we constantly post such things. Don’t you want to keep the forums alive everyone?

Now I’m all for stopping all the dumb people in the world from posting. But the days before kickoff can be quite slow compared to afterward. So I believe there needs to be a bit of leeway to certain people, especially those new to Delphi forums.

Andy was referring to stuff that was just cluttering the boards–during the build. Not necessarily something “stupid”, but people going “yeah, I don’t know” “Maybe it’s this”, stuff like that, that just takes up space and doesn’t get any closer to the answer someone was looking for.

I believe a topic similar to this has been discussed
I apoligize if this constitutes a one-liner

yes, it was, albeit around 7 months after this thread :slight_smile: