Please suppot us.

Team 1103 has applied for a Hamburger Helper’s My Hometown Helper grant. We are asking for $5,000 to start FLL team in all nine middle schools in Walworth County, WI.

If you believe this is a worth while cause please leave a short message of support here.

We would appreciate any support we receive.

Thank you from me and everybody on FRC team 1103.

Great entry guys, best of luck. I’ll get some more comments from my team mates next week. I commented it already, I did my best I wast exactly quite sure what to say but I hope it helps:).

Best of luck to you all.

Bon chance, 1103. Let us know if there is any thing else we can help with.

I hope my comment helps your team out.

Fingers crossed that you guys get the funding that you need!

Done. Good luck with that grant - if the school system only knew what a bargain they are getting, I bet they would fund it themselves.

Any FRC teams out there willing to help them write a proposal for their school board??