Please take my FRC Enjoyment Survey

After getting into a “debate” on chief delphi a few months back on whether Lunacy and overdrive were good/enjoyable games, i developed two theories as to what might lead someone to like a game or not. I am asking for members of the first community to take this quick 10 question survey (10 questions because i am not paying survey monkey to do my research) so i can test these theories

Please also post feedback here , the first set of questions are multiple choice multiple answer, please check all that apply, and also in the box below each question please write yes or no(as yes you did enjoy said game, or no you did not) and list what sports you enjoy watching, write none if you dont like sports

second set of questions are multiple choice 1 answer

Thank you in advance

Just a note to potential survey-takers: it asks how your team performed in Breakaway, which may or may not have happened yet…

oh yes i prob should have noted that, but you dont have to answer all of the questions, so say your team hasnt competed yet, or you werent involved in FIRST in 2006 then you may skip those questions

It would be interesting to see the results here. Good idea, but I think the survey could be much more in depth. This might be something worth pursuing in the future.

Personally I enjoy sports, but I have not enjoyed many games since 2006. I think the games have become too one dimensional, and it is widening the “skill” gap between the very best/experienced teams and all the rest. Generally speaking, there have been lots of penalties added to the games.

The last thing I want to do is start an argument about what games are good and what aren’t, because this is a matter of opinion. But I thought I would provide you with a little reasoning about the way I think so you can complement your data.

My original anecdotal observation was that people that enjoyed sports enjoyed Lunacy, while people that enjoyed overdrive did not. Another observation was the better a team performed, the more they enjoyed the game, and if their robot was bad, some people would tend to say it was a bad game. I will do a few more follow up surveys once this data comes out, as i wish to see what make some people like a game/consider a game a good game/ and what makes people dislike a game/call a game a bad game

I hope by releasing my original thesis i dont taint my data lol

i will be sure to post the results once i get my target of ~100 people surveyed

Perhaps I’m being a bit to overcritical of my sense of the games… but I really wanted something like a 1-5 scale for enjoyment. Simply saying I enjoyed or didnt enjoy really didnt seem to fit any of my feelings towards recent games. I enjoyed parts, but not all… Overall I enjoy FIRST, but the games themselves are not quite so black & white to me.

hm. i might screw stats just a touch :rolleyes:
my team did pretty well in lunacy and overdrive, but i personally disliked those games a lot
but other than that, when we do good the game is fun, it’s just like any other sport. If you’re winning and having a good game, you’ll have a good time. If you’re losing, then you’re bound to feel a bit of resentment and dislike the game